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Spirit Language: A Step-by-Step Writing Guide to Deepening Your Spiritual Connection

By Roi Armstrong

Table of contents


Chapter One: Explaining the Recipe                                           

Chapter Two: Trust in Yourself and Your Intuition

Chapter Three: Faith is Your Engine  

Chapter Four: Conviction Cannot be Undermined by the Ego

Chapter Five: Connection Reminds Us We Are Never Alone

Chapter Six: Perspective Situates You

Chapter Seven: Selfish is Not a Bad Word

Chapter Eight: Illumination Means Lights in the Darkness

Chapter Nine: Surrender to a Higher Power

Conclusion: Integrating the Recipe Into Your Life

Appendix: Writing Tips



Being a human being is an immersive experience. There exists the world we see with our human eyes and the one that lives on the inside. Individuals like myself experience the duality of life, dark and light, simultaneously. I am someone who knows she lives in a house, eats tuna fish sandwiches, and has a dog. These human habits and customs accompany the awareness of myself as a light-filled being communicating with spirit guides and angels. I can feel my soul guiding me and truthfully almost always someplace I am reluctant to visit. My soul relishes in seeing me squirm; my discomfort signals my expansion.

With or without our participation the world consistently expands. Author Wayne Dyer[1] mentioned that the greater the contrast the greater the awareness. I have had plenty of contrasting experiences which have improved my life in a myriad of ways. I want to help others in the energy healing space whose world views align with mine for two main reasons. The first is because it is not an easy path and the second centered around preventing energy healing burnout. Often when someone wants to discuss their special skills and gifts there is little acceptance to be found. I grew up in a household of minimizers and dismissers. Phrases like “you can’t possibly know that” “you’re weird,” and other declarative statements about my words and vision led me to believe for a long time that I was different- the Other. Not connected and not worthy to belong to the group. After realigning and reparenting[2] myself in my 40’s I began exploring the idea of healing through energetic means.

Writing saved me when my higher-self erred on the side of safety and hid my skills and gifts. Over the years I only let a select few know what I was capable of seeing, knowing, and achieving. There is no need to hide. Do not hide your light and pretend to be one-dimensional. This book is dedicated to people who enjoy seeking wisdom and guidance from their spirit guides but could use some assistance. Perhaps you are feeling disconnected or jaded because your issues are weighing you down or, you don’t know how to increase your access to spirit. All the ideas I write about are not necessarily new. People have been drinking from the same water sources for thousands of years but how they describe the taste- that is where the insightful differences lie. I’m no exception. I am drinking and swallowing and filtering it all though my unique world view and can’t wait to share it with you.

Over the next nine chapters I will provide you with a tried and tested formula I have developed called “The Recipe.” It’s what I’ve been using to write about my other-wordly experiences. I will walk you through some of what has been shown to me in my meditations and reveal the pieces of wisdom I picked up along the way. I invite you to read the book all the way through or jump to the chapters that speak to you. A reminder to all that I am a co-creator. I am the sum of all my experiences, my teachers, the people I have encountered along the way. We are all writing with other people and other influences, even if I am the only one holding the pen. I am the human walking the path, but I’m not on it alone.

Each of the nine chapters will contain a definition of the ingredient being discussed along with examples of where I find it in my life. I ask a series of questions to gage where an ingredient manifests itself in your life. Depending on your answers I provide various guides and suggestions to assist you in writing about that topic. For those who own energy healing practices I include a few suggestions to help your clients. Each chapter concludes with a worksheet and either a mantra[3] or meditation. They are designed to give you an opportunity to reflect and create a community of practice for yourself. You are not required to complete the worksheets before moving onto the next chapter. They act as placeholders for your thoughts as you move through the book. When you complete the worksheets, your responses will offer a picture of themes and patterns that emerge when thinking about the recipe.

The mantras are offered for topics such as trust that can be challenging to meditate about. You can write the mantras down during the day, repeat them to yourself when seeking a shift in your energy, or place them on post it notes around your space. The meditations begin with a recommendation to engage in some deep breathing and a few moments of rest and quiet. For maximum benefit I would read them over a few times before closing your eyes and thinking about the words. Precision is not necessarily a prescription for meditation. The language provided is meant to flow and take your mind to the areas it needs to go. If you find it helpful you can record your voice reading the meditation and then listen to it whenever you would like.

A note to non-standard learners like myself. If it does not suit your style, there’s no need to read the book in a linear fashion. Some people may find it helpful, and some will choose to focus on one or two ingredients instead of tackling the whole recipe at once. Think of this work like a sourdough starter[4] - you only need a little to make bread. Much like the starter the book will sit and ferment until the next time you desire to add it to your life.



When you are a seer of two worlds you usually have a strong sense of self-trust and a belief that your intuition steers you. My spirit guides[5] have been telling me to write this book for months. Call it Spirit Language they told me and do not worry about what to say; we will supply you with the words. Trust and surrender are the two words you will encounter often in this book. Although you may be in control of your thoughts that is as far as it extends. Like the 1982 song by Imagination[6] life is just an illusion. Although I expressed doubt to my guides about my worthiness, they encouraged me to begin and here I am.

Showing up for yourself is the first foundational step of the recipe. I call my formula the recipe because learning how to put into words felt experiences can be challenging; you are not quite sure how it is all going to look when you are done. This process can be likened to following a recipe for a cake. You were most likely drawn to baking the cake because of the picture. You trust the recipe has been tested and tried by others. Lo and behold you mixed it all together, placed it in the warm embrace of the oven, and pulled it out ready to eat.

My recipe contains eight ingredients. Number one I alluded to and that is trust. Spirit guides have been helping humans as long as they have been on the planet so trust they have your back. What you are experiencing is real and not a figment of your imagination. Each ingredient will be explained in its’ own chapter.

  1. Trust: what you are seeing/hearing/feeling is as real as anything found on earth

  2. Faith: in something other than yourself

  3. Conviction: people will judge and dismiss you

  4. Connectedness: you are not separate. You are one with everyone else

  5. Perspective: it helps to see the whole picture

  6. Selfish: this is okay and necessary. Putting the focus on yourself does not mean you cannot help others

  7. Illumination: how does this add to your light? How can it light up others?

  8. Surrender: yield to what you are being guided to and circle back to #1

Filtering your hits and visions[7] through these eight points will provide the information you need to get your message out to the people who will most benefit from it. I have ordered the ingredients in a manner that makes sense to me but however you approach them works. As Byron Katie[8] is known to say, you cannot fail in this endeavor.

            Not present in the recipe but an important garnish is language. After all the name of the book is Spirit Language. How can we put into words ecstasy? A surge of power? The lightness of being that causes us to travel outside of ourselves? The deep in-breath that never seems to end? Once we have described it, how do we interpret it? This book seeks to answers those questions. Each chapter provides language tips and ways you can describe experiences which can defy logic.


Spirit language Worksheet

Please complete the following prompts. These activities will help you to integrate the lessons learned in the chapter.

The recipe

What is your first reaction to the recipe and its’ ingredients?


Quickly write where you think you are in relation to each ingredient. For example, next to faith you could write strong or barely noticeable.


Where are the areas in your life where writing could benefit you?


Who are the people in your life who have brought you to the path of energetic resonance?


Which ingredient, if any, gives you pause and which one are you excited to read about?


Additional information

Write about anything here that adds to your understanding of the recipe





I am in touch with my awareness

I trust that my guides and the universe are invested in my highest and best good

I am open to new ways of thinking about my life and my goals

I am connected to all that is. My actions, thoughts, and deeds matter because I matter


[1] Dyer, A. (1991). Your Erroneous Zone. Quill House

[2] I define reparenting as going within and giving myself what I did not receive as a child i.e. acceptance and unconditional love

[3] Mantra is a Sanskrit word that means a sacred message or text, charm, or spell. It’s a phrase you can say to yourself to help you release limiting beliefs or increase your connection to spirit.

[4] To make sourdough bread you need to use a starter that contains yeast and flour. It has been fermented and makes the bread rise.

[5] Spirit guides can be angels, family relatives who have passed on, or other spiritual beings that counsel you from the other side.

[6] 1982 song by the group Imagination titled It’s Just an Illusion.

[7] Hits are feelings you get that are later proved true and visions can occur during meditation.

[8] Katie, B. (2021). Loving What is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life. Harmony

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