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Summer Newsletter

Doing my best to stay grounded after the super flower blood moon that just happened. I felt such a powerful shift and so many feelings are bubbling up to the surface to be released. It can be overwhelming but don't waste this opportunity to acknowledge the feelings and then let them go. Please remember that you are not your feelings, your thoughts, or your mind. Who you really are is limitless and knows no boundaries. 

I have been feeling the energy of abundance in the Akashic Records and it feels like a combination of your favorite slow song and power ballad all at once. The record keepers tell me that abundance does not have have to be defined as only relating to money. Abundance, which is our natural state, can show up in all aspects of our lives. This can be a challenging lesson because society seems to be only interested in discussing lack. Since we create our worlds coming from a space of lack creates more lack and you can get caught in a vicious cycle.

Speaking of money, the keepers tell me that it helps to think of money as a type of energy like love or joy. As energy money does not want to be dominated, hoarded or manipulated. It would like to be invited in and used to create a joyous existence for you. When you are in a state of joy and happiness you have that much more to give to everyone else. Releasing your expectations as to how others should behave and turning that attention to you and your needs is not selfish. The universe desires for you to reach your full potential.

In keeping with all these lunar changes I have been updating my offerings. I have finished my Spirit Language book and have placed the first 3 chapters here on the website. Take a look and let me know what you think. Additionally, I have added a spiritual writing coach option. In the fall I will be launching a writing/book club based around the Spirit Language book. I will also be teaching an expressive creative writing course centered around eastern and western philosophers. As a writer and energy healer nothing makes me happier that combining my two passions. 

If you are interested in releasing any feelings that came up from this moon or you feel like past life/current life trauma is holding you back please book a session. I am skilled at reading past lives in great detail, naming and describing the type of energy that surrounds you, and co-creating sustainable solutions. 


I wish you all the highest and best good for these summer months. The universe is always in full supply and always on time. Ask for what you desire and go about your day. When you detach from the outcome and stop worrying about the details, that's where the magic happens. 























March 2021 Newsletter




Happy Spring! 2021 has been surprisingly challenging. Many times I have found myself pulling over to meditate so I can stay grounded and connected to the earth. My clients tell me they are stressed from staring at the computer all day. Those who have children feel for what they are missing by not attending class in person. To find some peace and relief my spirit guides suggest I be conscious about my food choices and watch funny movies. Laughter releases anything pent up in the body and lightens the energy. People in the presence of laughter feel less guarded and better about themselves. They take that high energy home with them and the light spreads. The record keepers would like to remind everyone that you can be the most help to others when you reach your full potential. Self-care and being aware you are a spiritual person having a human experience (thank you Deepak Chopra) reminds us we are not our thoughts and not our body. One last note- a Course in Miracles advises people to see the spirit and not the flesh. When we focus on the flesh we tend to judge. I find when I am judging others it is because I either recognize something I have done or see that same behavior in myself.


Have you heard of Ted Talks? This spring I am hosting two Roi Talks through Zoom on April 25 and May 15.  The first workshop focuses on life and the second examines death because the human experience is bookended by these events. The tickets are $20 per person and the event will last approximately 35 minutes. Those interested in participating can send me an email @ or text me at 508 904 8442.

Workshop One Saturday April 24 1 pm-1:40:

This workshop is centered around the idea of life purpose and soul purpose. Why does thinking about these two topics cause fear and anxiety? When we ask if we are living our life purpose it can be assumed that you haven't been doing that all along. You matter because you exist. It seems that people are really asking how they can become more aware of their life purpose and their soul purpose. I would argue there is a difference between life purpose and soul purpose. These are some of the questions I'd like to explore with you at the first workshop. What does it mean to be human and is it a terminal condition?


Saturday, May 15 @ 1-140 pm:

The second workshop centers around death and how understanding the role of death in the human experience can enhance your current life. My readings and my spiritual experiences have allowed me to view death as a doorway and a portal to another kind of life. This conversation is not designed to diminish the loss of losing a loved one nor say that grieving can be bypassed but rather to remove the fear. Speaking about this subject in plain terms and with compassion helps to put some of these unspoken ideas into the light. You would be surprised how many of those worries may dissolve and be delighted to know you are not alone in thinking about any of them.


I had a few thoughts the other day about life I would like to share.  This is a message to anyone who tells you “you can't” when you are pursuing what you know for a fact to be your calling. What they mean when they say, “you can't” is actually “they can't.” The reason they home in so quickly to your efforts is because it resonates with something in them that is blocked. That is why their “you can’t” hits so much closer to home than other people who might say it. It feels personal because it is personal- for them.  Not for you. You were drawn to them because something in your energy field recognized a similar ray in them. That's why you asked them or showed them something in the first place. Your deepest self recognized their deepest self and sought a connection. Unfortunately, human ego and emotion can intervene. That's when their response to your eager plea can turn into you feeling shame and trauma which can shut down your endeavors.

 They are echoing their doubts and fears and projecting them on to you. You shrink back and pause and it's okay. We are humans and no one is perfect. People are trying to meet their needs the best they can. Their need to feel good about themselves often trumps and overrides their ability to support a fellow human. It's unfortunate but it happens more than it should.

Pause and feel compassion for yourself and them. When you learn no one else is responsible for giving you permission for who you are, the universe brings the people into your life who support you in the ways that light you up inside. No one else has to say or think it's okay for you to reach your full potential and expand into all that you are at your core. Once you take the power back into yourself, the sky is the limit.

                           Safety field Meditation

Take a deep breath from the top of your head and imagine that it curves directly down the back of your head and down your back. All the way down the back of your legs to the ground and ends at your feet. As you exhale out your nose pull the breath up the front of your body. Feel it past your stomach, chest, your neck, and end at your head. Then breathe in again for a second round and a third. Eventually you will feel that breath circling your body.

When you have imagined this field or this space you can fill it with whatever color light you choose. It can be a white light, it can be pink, it can be gold- whatever fills your soul with happiness. Now, tucked safely in this field you will feel your muscles relax. You will feel the warmth and goodness surround you and you will give yourself permission to check any anxiety and stress just outside this lovely space.

As your shoulders drop the relaxion will then travel from your head to your neck, to your chest, to your stomach area, to your thighs, and eventually to your feet. You will feel a deeper connection to the spirit world and to other humans.  It is in this place where compassion lives and where tender loving kindness can be more fully cultivated.

Please feel free to stay in this place as long as you want and know that when you are ready to return it is waiting for you. Once created it exists. Please remind yourself that as you go through life what you experience on the inside can also be seen on the outside.

Flowers on Stone
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