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Finding employment in a pandemic

So, I just emerged from a year long process of self-enforced isolation to finish my research and dissertation only to defend in mid-March and you guessed it- I'm still isolated. It reminds me of that scene in Jurassic Park where Timmy is stuck in the car in the tree, manages to escape the tree, and ends up back under the car.

I love my family and am happy we are all safe but the kids aren't so little anymore and I feel like I am cramping their independence by being around all the time but where am I supposed to go? There is only so much time I can spend in the closet. I am finding that when the kids are home from college we all fall into our old patterns and I would like to break that cycle. They don't need me to micromanage and I don't need to fast forward every time someone swears on TV.

That's where my writing saves me. When I write I am in the zone and time takes on a different meaning. I am swept into the energetic current that surrounds me and I allow it to take me where it needs to go. It's a two-way relationship, the words and I, and I find myself able to let go of stressors even if I am still sitting in the same place. Writing is a lifeline when I am losing myself.

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