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What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a gentle Japanese hands-on healing technique that promotes relaxation. It is like a massage but with little to no pressure. Placing hands gently on the body releases tension from your muscles and rebalances your energy. Hospitals all over the United States hire Reiki practitioners to provide patients with this non-narcotic solution both pre and post-surgery. Numerous scientific case studies have proven that Reiki reduces pain, anxiety, and depression.

Reiki starts with your hands and moves the chi, your life force energy, around your body allowing it to be nourished from the inside out. Your body’s nervous system is like a cell phone that has too many apps running at the same time. Energy running in too many directions drains it from the areas that help you feel calm and centered. Closing and cleaning up your apps allows your phone’s battery to operate efficiently. Reiki calms the nervous system and allows your body to recharge in a safe way. This uniquely restorative method can be done sitting in a chair.

How can Reiki Help Me? 


  • When you put your hands on someone you may be picking up their energy. Carrying around anything that isn’t yours could cause you to be tired and stressed. Practicing reiki either before, after, or during work can help you clear and rebalance.

  • Learning Reiki can assist you in setting healthy boundaries which allows you to avoid burnout.

  • When you feel grounded, peaceful, and centered you are reaching your full potential.

  • Being able to invest in your self-care through the healing powers of Reiki offers you chances to reset and receive.


  • Offering to practice Reiki on friends, family or clients enhances gives them an opportunity to feel more positive, relaxed, energized, and happy.

  • Being able to offer Reiki to your friends, family, or clients sets you apart.

  • Friends, family, or clients who have felt the healing benefits of Reiki will tell recommend your services to others.


I offer a quick 2 hour reiki workshop that can be done in your home or office setting. I also teach Reiki 1, 2, and 3 in a two-day weekend workshop.





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