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Set Goals Not Limits 

Hello and welcome. I am a writer, educator, Justice of the Peace, and energy practitioner. I believe that energy and matter are what matters.  The Buddha says pain is part of life but suffering is optional. The universe always responds to our desires. To reduce and eliminate suffering it helps to be aware of what we are asking for and who is doing the asking.

The roles I choose to inhabit reflect my passion for reducing suffering and increasing meaning in all areas of life. 


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Energy and Matter Learning, LLC

Dr. Roi Armstrong is a writer and educator. Her book First-Generation Women College Students Starving to Matter is available on Amazon. Her second book Sprit Language: A step-by-step writing guide to deepening your spiritual connection is available on, and other websites where books are sold.


All information provided during a healing session is not expressed as medical advice. It is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or replace conventional medical treatment. Although I am helping you through the healing process ultimately the healing journey is your own.

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